My name is Franni Normoyle. I am a Brooklyn, NY transplant having moved here to Washington State in 1988 with my husband & our 12 year old son. Well, it’s been 35 years of building a fabulous life here in the Pacific Northwest. I have met & built solid relationships with many awesome folks in this magical place.

I would say one of my biggest claims to fame is a little party I call “The Gimmie-A-Break Shindig Festival.” Which I am very well known for with the underground beat in the area. It is a private party we have held at our property for the past 33 years. I have been coined as “The Commissioner of Fun!” The fact is I have been a promotor on a small scale for a very long time. I have been offered a position on the Board of this fabulous organization. My dreams of becoming a bona fide promotor have come true. All the years of doing what I do naturally is finally going to bring me down the path of “FUN”draising for charities & plausible causes, while doing what I love. I’m feeling rather blessed & much gratitude.

I have been a state credentialed hypnotherapist for the past 21 years. I am also a reiki practitioner/energetic healer. And, as a woman of many Magics, I am also a Wedding Officiant & a Life Coach. All these experiences have put me in a position as a person in service to her fellow citizens & the community. I get joy out of bringing smiles to faces. I look forward to the many ways this organization can bring joy to the community.

As always, putting the “FUN” in Fundraising!”

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