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Fund for Kyra's Future

Family takes various forms, extending beyond blood ties. Friendships become chosen family, and certain cousins can feel more like siblings. In our community, we recently experienced the loss of a cherished member who played a pivotal role in the lives of many, directly and indirectly. The impact of Stina’s passing runs deep, and the void is even more profound for her daughter, Kyra.

At just 11 years old, Kyra was unmistakably a reflection of her mother, Stina. Losing a mother at such a tender age is an incredibly challenging and life-altering event. As a community, we have the opportunity to alleviate the financial challenges that Kyra will inevitably face in her young adult years. Join the many who have already rallied together to support Kyra, recognizing that “it takes a village.” More significantly, this collective effort will symbolize the enduring legacy left by Stina for all those who knew and loved her.

WMG has taken the initiative, utilizing its 501c3 nonprofit resources to establish a trust in Kyra’s name. This trust aims to provide a measure of security for Kyra as she matures and faces the challenges of adulthood. Your participation in this endeavor is a chance to contribute to a brighter future for a deserving young girl.



WMG owes a special thank-you to the whole crew at Woodshed for including us in this awesome show. This is our fourth year partnering with them for this show and each year just gets better! This partnership has been the catalyst for a breath of fresh air for WMG.  Wes (our VP and their show manager) has been an integral part of our fresh look. Working with Hunter and Autum for the last few years has also been wind in our sails. Days after Big Brother said it was safe to play outside, we ripped off our masks and headed out to the Old Slimedog Speedway for a good old dose of covid and good times. Their whole crew is on point, and it was refreshing to work with so many dedicated fans, volunteers, and musicians. Thank you Woodshed!!

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July 19th & 20th

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Rock the Mountain

Bringing classic rock back to the mountain

Rock the Mountain Poster

August 16th 17th & 18th 2024 Whitehorse Amphitheater

Mountain Life Festival

Coming to the Stillaguamish River Valley in the summer of '25

last year...

First Annual Car and Bike Show at Dos Agaves Mexican Restaurant July 8th, 2023
in Darrington, Washington


Building our networks

In addition to our new Meta Business site, we also have YouTube, Twitter, Google Commerce, and Instagram. As it is now, our social media presence is a blank canvas waiting for someone to staff it. If this sounds like something you would like to do, let us know.

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IT stuff

We recently received our first grant as a 501 c-3. The grant from Microsoft will give us much of the software necessary to run our non-profit smoothly. More soon.

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Never forget where you came from!

Know where you are!

Our 501 c-3

Since reincorporating in April of ’22, WMG has redoubled its foundational strength. Our new diverse and creative WMG Board of Directors has already broadened the scope of our cause and we are looking forward to more work in new markets. It was the decision of our board to rebrand in celebration of our new restructuring and the new year. This rebranding has manifested in the creation of a new logo, printing of new business cards and the rewriting of our old (tired lame) website.

Our New Logo!

on our New Website!

Never stop dreaming!

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The sky is the limit! There are so many new innovations in music and performing arts it’s hard to guess what the next exciting thing will be.  

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